Delta Project Engineering

DELTA PROJECT ENGINEERING S.A. is THE reference branch company among “BRB groupe” for the design and execution of all its industrial projects through a global and integrated approach.

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Located in the Liège region in Belgium (Europe), at only 300 km from Paris, Amsterdam or Frankfurt and less than 150 km from the Antwerp harbor, DELTA PROJECT ENGINEERING has been created to combine the perfect synergy of BRB Groupe ’s specific expertise in overall insulation and its partner’s large experience in international projects management in various fields such as auxiliary equipments, amongst other for power plants.

DELTA PROJECT ENGINEERING offers its experience in design, engineering, fabrication, transportation and erection of metallic structures, piping or ducting or more generally, any industrial or semi-industrial building, including their fire protection, their inventory in asbestos and their disposal.

For these buildings or piping/ducting, DELTA PROJECT ENGINEERING is also your best partner for any internal and/or external cladding, with our without thermal insulation possibly with flexible expansion joints that can be used e.g. in industrial boilers or HRSG, furnaces or more generally in piping/ducting.

Our partnership with our sub-contractors will allow you to take the best benefit of a final product design according to the best standards, combined with a competitive price gathered from our worldwide selected suppliers while ensuring a close project management in order to meet global quality requirements and achieve on-time projects schedule. In addition, this could be obtained through our centralized services center point as well as through the support of our own erection team and maintenance.

In a nutshell, from one central point, we will optimize our design and fabrication facilities in order to manage your projects wherever they are and provide you with a top class quality and cost competitive material.